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We met at church as awkward preteens, became friends as slightly less awkward teenagers, and it wasn't until university that Shae "fell for my charm and good looks" as Evan likes to put it.

It didn't take long before we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. It's been just over 5 years now and we feel like the luckiest kids on earth.


lead photographer

i am consumed by the need to




I don't take it lightly that the photographs I capture are often the only tangible proof of moments that happened, laughter that was shared, memories that were made. With just the click of my shutter, the moments are already gone.

I feel a weighty responsibility as a wedding photographer, and that feeling does not dwindle no matter how many weddings I shoot. I thrive under the pressure of freezing time, and the gravity I feel only makes me a better image-maker.

I've pursued a career in art, and my art is about remembering.


lead filmmaker

Growing up in an Asian immigrant household, my career options were limited: doctor, lawyer or businessman. And passions were best kept as hobbies.  Heading into university, I knew I wasn't cut out to save lives and I definitely didn't trust myself to represent people in court. So thanks to the process of elimination I pursued a degree in business. 

Despite countless hours spent in seminars and multiple internships, the best real-world experience eventually came from helping my girlfriend with her budding wedding photography business. I bought a camera and we started shooting side-by-side. She got herself free labour and I ended up with a hands-on photography education and a fiancé in exchange (I guess bartering still exists). Along the way, I fell in love with filmmaking and we added it to our repertoire.

During my last year of university, we got married and I was lucky enough to land a full time gig at Procter & Gamble.  But after two years, the pandemic hit and I was reminded that life is too short to live comfortably - so I decided to quit my corporate job, take a leap of faith, and join Shae full time.

We balance each other out in both life and business. When working with us you get the best of both worlds, Evan's outgoing curiosity mixed with Shae's quiet, observant nature. Evan keeps things exciting, optimistic and light-hearted. Shae has a relaxed and non-intrusive approach, being more of an introvert herself.

On a wedding day, Shae is an observer and gentle director — she notices the meaningful in-between moments and picks up on unspoken cues. She knows what is needed in every situation - when to step in and when to let things unfold naturally. Evan on the other hand is our visionary, mapping out a plan to ensure we capture every detail with creativity and precision. All the while, he's already memorized the names of both sides of the family. By the end of the night he'll be best friends with the DJ and have inside jokes with your uncle.

"I've typed approximately four iterations of this thank-you email and every time it comes out as over-enthusiastic word vomit, but these photos and films are perfect and we are completely obsessed. I can't say how glad we are that we "splurged" not just on videography but also on the footage of the speeches. Those memories are worth every penny and then some. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting it so, SO right."
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"Noah and I are actually speechless. Like I don't know what to say. The video is perfect in every way, it has me in tears. The entire video is fun, light, beautiful, honest and so meaningful. Noah's immediate reaction was "can we watch that every week for the rest of our lives?". Thank you SO much. BRB crying happy tears."
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"To say that Shae & Evan are great photographers is an understatement. They captured our farm wedding perfectly and didn't miss a detail. More importantly they seemed to know who we were, and told our story so well it seemed like we had known them for years. They were hands down the best decision we made in planning our wedding. One of the best parts of having them capture your wedding is watching two people - so totally in love - working together so seamlessly. There is something special about watching love in action."
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"We're having a bit of a tough time finding the words to capture just how impactful Shae & Evan were to our wedding. And we say "wedding", not just "wedding day", because their positive impact started months before our I do's, and has lasted long since as well. You can stop looking for the perfect photographers... you've found them. And they just so happen to be amazing people to boot! On top of the unbelievable pictures, they also managed to make the whole wedding feel so incredibly stress-free for both us and our guests. It's not often you can say you genuinely want to hang out with one of your wedding vendors when you're done working with them!"
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"The pictures are so gorgeous we truly can't get over them. I'm so happy we met you and had you capture this day for us! I sent the link out to family & friends and everyone was just blown away. They were actually freaking out lol. I can't recommend you guys enough, those memories captured on film are priceless. We love every picture so much and we love you both for capturing them for us."
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