Kerri & Keith’s Intimate Wedding at Market Brewing in Newmarket

Kerri & Keith hosted an intimate winter wedding at Market Brewing in Newmarket, where they gathered their loved ones to celebrate with beer and BBQ.

When they originally reached out to us, Kerri explained that the late November day was traditionally an annual family holiday to kickoff the start of the Christmas season. So they wanted their intimate brewery wedding to feel like a big, warm family gathering. And it absolutely was.

Kerri got ready in her childhood home and shared a private first look with Keith in the snow-filled backyard. She even played some theme music as she walked up to him (an inside joke) which had us laughing and crying all at once. Keith’s reaction to seeing his bride was pure and beautiful. After their moments alone, the rest of their friends bundled up to join them outside. They all drank warm apple cider and gathered around the fire pit before heading off to the brewery for the intimate wedding celebration.

Kerri and Keith gave us the freedom to document their intimate wedding through an honest and candid lens. There was less of a focus on staged photos, although we of course made sure to get beautiful portraits of the happy couple. And lots of traditional family photos too. But for the most part, we got to be a fly on the wall. We made it our mission to capture their family members mid-laugh, mid-hug, or mid-cry.

This was one of our last weddings of the year, and you’d think that after a full season of shooting we would have been excited for a break. But that was definitely not the case. If anything, we left wishing we could shoot a hundred more intimate brewery weddings lol. We find that our hearts are most full, and our souls most fulfilled, when we get to work with couples who value real moments captured on film.

So thank you to Kerri & Keith for inviting us in to your story, and letting us capture all the magic.