Lisa & Eric Toronto City Hall Elopement

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of elopements, especially ones at Toronto City Hall. We love the slowness and intentionality behind eloping. And on this specific day Lisa and Eric gave us full reigns to be as intentional and creative as we wanted.

As designers themselves, Lisa & Eric chose to elope at Toronto City Hall because they’re huge fans of the minimalist, brutalist, and concrete architecture. We focused on a lot of the textures and elements around the podium exterior to tell an architectural story of City Hall, while also focusing on Lisa & Eric’s unique and artistic personalities. Capturing their photos felt so much like a collaboration, and we loved being able to bring their vision to life.

Before the elopement began, we started the morning off at their lane house in the Junction. As we captured the little details that help to tell the story of their day, Lisa and Eric calmly floated around the house getting ready. Eric gently zipped Lisa into her gown, and she in turn helped to pin his boutonnière before we headed out the door. It was hands down the most laid-back morning we’ve ever been a part of.

We arrived for Lisa & Eric’s elopement at Toronto City Hall and got to meet their sweet families who were all so excited to be there. The ceremony was beautifully done, and their vows were incredibly thoughtful and personal. While most wedding ceremonies end with the bride & groom walking down the aisle and heading off to take photos elsewhere, this ceremony didn’t really have an end. They kissed, signed the papers, and immediately got up to hug everyone there. There was so much joy and love in that little room.

After a few family photos, everyone headed off to grab lunch and explore the area. This gave us time to do our own exploring around City Hall and we could not be more thrilled over the images we created together.

Later that night we met up again at Grey Gardens in Kensington Market. Once their food was served, our job was done and we headed upstairs to find a table awaiting us. Lisa & Eric treated us to our own private dinner at the restaurant, and we could have cried from gratitude.