Ontario Elopement at an A-frame Airbnb

We are so excited to share the photos from Kody & Emily’s elopement at an A-frame Airbnb in Ontario. But before we do, we think it’s important that we provide you with some insight into who these two are. Kody and Emily are like something straight out of a romance novel, or more like your favourite feel-good movie that you love to re-watch. Simply put, these two exude warmth, love and kindness. They are generous and intentional with their words to everyone they meet. They have a way of making you feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

After we exchanged a few emails back and forth we met at a little cafe to hang out & learn more about their elopement vision. From the moment we met them, we know we were in for something special. They came to us with total flexibility regarding their elopement plans and were completely open to ideas regarding locations, vendors, etc. All they knew for sure was that they wanted to elope, just the two of them, in an intimate location surrounded by nature.

At this point none of us knew of the challenges and uncertainty that 2020 would bring. So it’s safe to say that when things in the world started to go south, Kody & Emily had never felt more sure of their plans to elope in the woods. They searched through cottages and cabins on Airbnb and found a beautiful A-frame cottage in Bancroft, Ontario. They knew it was the right place just from the photos alone.

So on a gorgeous September day, we arrived at the Rose-Eh Chalet to find Kody hanging out on the main floor, and Emily tucked away upstairs as they both got ready. It was so cute to see them hiding from each other so as not to ruin the “first look”. But because of the coziness of the Airbnb and the intimate nature of their elopement, they could still talk to each other every once in a while. There was nothing sweeter than hearing Emily call down to Kody with a “how ya doing babe?” just to check in and ease the nerves.

When it came time to see each other, Kody waited for his bride down at the water. They shared an emotional first look that we were honoured to witness. Emily surprised Kody with a gift – his grandfather’s watch, restored and working like new again. They walked up the hill to a beautiful wooden arch that they built with their own hands, and exchanged vows barefoot with the grass between their toes. Our hearts were full as we watched on, capturing through photo and film, and even had the honour of signing as their witnesses.

The best part about elopements is simply the intentionality and time. You get to spend all the time you want, doing all the things you want. There’s no rush, there’s no timeline, there’s no stress. There’s only you, your love, and maybe a canoe. For Kody & Emily they wanted nothing more than to hang out around the A-frame, eating donuts and soaking up the feeling of being “just married”. We left them that night dancing under twinkle lights and the stars above.